Friday, October 28, 2011

where did she go?

actually, no where and everywhere all at the same time.  the explanation-my house was broken into and one of the things taken was my computer.  that said, i have been a little lost and out of sorts-slightly pathetic, don't you think?  never thought i would miss that thing as much as i did when it was suddenly gone.  word to the wise (strange word for describing thieves, no?) don't try that again-i won't give this one up without a fight!!!

so, even though i was disconnected, i still managed to bake some pies.  look for some photos and recipes to be posted soon.  a preview of those recipes:  honey chess, shoo fly, blueberry with crunchy almond topping and butterscotch pies!  may the power of the pie be with you and keep your computer safe...