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  1. Just found your site through Nashville Food Bloggers. Nice to meet another Nashville Foodie!

  2. I'm so glad I found this site. Especially since you are so interested in pies this year!

    I am not an expert baker - I'm really just moving into baking more because I enjoy baking & because I want to find healthier alternatives to foods available in my local stores. In particular, I am interested in whole grain baking. (I started a blog in hopes of "meeting" others interested in the same.)

    We are particularly fond of pies in this household, but I need to find a whole grain pie crust recipe. Do you know of any?

  3. We share a common book ... Baking With Julia. I started looking for your fried pie recipe. Each step took me to another one until I found the Nashville Food bloggers logo. I didn't even know there was such an association. I am going to check it out. I live south of nashville about 1 1/2 hours ... just outside of a small community of world famous stature ...Lynchburg!

    Nice to meet you -

    P.S. Love seeing your thrift store finds. Mine often come from auctions, but sometimes a thrift store or two ... :)

  4. Alisa, you stumped me with your Dulce de Leche cake recipe. I've successfully made many of the cakes in your Sky High book, but that one comnpletely flopped. What do you mean when you write that I should beat the eggs and brown sugar until slowly dissolving ribbons appear when I lift the beaters? When I did what I thought was right, the batter was still very thin, and adding the sifted ingredients only made for lumps in a very thin batter. The three layers went into the oven flat and came out flatter -- if that's even passible. Help! Can you tell me about how long on what speed to beat, or desribe it in terms other than dissolving ribbons (whatever they are)?

    1. ribbon stage is a point in whipping eggs that is important in many recipes. first, make sure your eggs are at least room temp, a little warmer is even better. on medium speed, begin whipping the eggs and slowly add the sugar. continue whipping until they become thick and begin to hold peaks when the beater is lifted. the "ribbon" is the actual drip of eggs from the beater and it should take about 10 seconds for the mound to dissolve and the surface to appear flat again. if you need any more help with this, contact me directly with a way for me to contact you-i cannot respond to an anonymous comment quickly!

  5. Hi, I love your blog, especially your Red velvet cake looks stunning. I've posted a link and recommendation to your site on my blog I've only been blogging a couple of weeks so I don't think you will get lots of extra traffic from it or anything but just wanted to say thanks for the fab recipes. If I'm ever in Nashville I need to eat at your cafe! :)

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