nifty thrifty

to anyone who knows me, they are aware of the fact that i spend my spare time wandering through thrift stores in search of the perfect piece of vintage tableware to add to my collection and to use as props in my photos.  i also find things to put in the garden, furniture to refinish and much more.  see the latest additions by visiting this page.

this weeks find at the thrift store

russel wright iroquois casual china and silver plate spoons

i went out today in search of an oven proof pot with a cover and my travels took me to the three stores located right by my home.  in southern thrift, i found the blue enamel roaster for $10.99 but since it was a blue tag day, i scored it for 50% off!  over in thriftsmart, i found a set of clear glass bowls and a decorative glass bowl.  there are three in the vintage pyrex set and the two small ones were .99 each while the large one was $1.99.  the brown glass bowl is also another collectible pyrex bowl and it was just $3.99 bringing the total to less than $8.00 in the store.  but wait, it gets better, since i am on the email list, i get a 10% discount and this more than covered the sales tax!

 how could i pass this up?  a small-deep, 7" round tart pan with removable bottom for $2.99

some time back in a martha stewart living magazine, i saw an article on milk glass collectibles.  they took a collection of items in different shapes and sizes and lined them up above a fireplace on the mantel.  by placing a small votive candle in each one, they created a unique display.  well, i do not have a fireplace but i have always wanted to recreate that look.
 the first two pieces of what i hope will become a nice collection to light up a dark corner on top of a book case in the sitting area of our bedroom.  i really need to lose the cheap wood panel wall covering...
and here they are with candles.  i have a bunch of sugar and creamers made from milk glass, including a set that belonged to my great grandmother but i want to collect vases, bowls, candy dishes and other interesting pieces.  wish me luck!  

posted on 2/5/2012