Tuesday, April 27, 2010

peanut butter brownies

consider this an updated and baked version of that old tv commercial. hey you got chocolate in my peanut butter-no you got peanut butter on my chocolate...no matter how you call it, the two go together like left and right. in other words, they're incredible on their own and together a combination that can't be beat. i love them in ice cream, it could easily be my last meal. in cookies, they are a favorite too. so it's only natural that they would end up in a brownie that i have baked. years ago when i had my own bakery, they were a constant selection in our showcase. they are a little laborious but worth the effort. melt chocolate and butter in one bowl and peanut butter and butter in another

keeping the two separate batters warm is the key.

whisk in some eggs and sugar

fold in the flour and then move on to the chocolate batter

whisk in the eggs and sugar and a little coffee

fold in the flour and cocoa and a few chocolate chips

dollop the batters into a pan

take a wooden spoon handle and swirl them together

don't over do it or you will lose the design

let them cool and cut them into squares. you may have to hide them, they tend to disappear.

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