Friday, January 21, 2011

round up #2, chocolate mousse pie with banana caramel sauce

when benni rienzo first tweeted that she would be making this pie, i was excited.  not many of you reading this blog have been adventurous enough to make the pies and send me photos.  needless to say, i have been waiting to see how the pie turned out.  and it looks to me that despite the challenges that having twin boys and a husband out of town can impose on a baker, benni done good!

thanks so much for baking with me benni!!!  hope you can do it again some time, soon.  and to all of you reading this blog, bake along with me, i promise to post the photos if you send them to me!!!


  1. Thank you Alisa for creating such delicious recipes and sharing them with all of us. This pie was unbelievable! Rich and delicious and the sauce was sinful. Please keep doing what you are doing!