Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mocha brownie cake with whisper creek ganache: a tuesdays with dorie post

for this weeks challenge, the tuesdays with dorie bakers baked up marcel desaulniers mocha brownie cake recipe from the book, baking with julia.   with a texture more like a devil's food cake, this rich little cake wasn't much of a brownie for this chocolate fan.  did that make it a poor choice for a chocolate fix?  no, especially not with the thick coat of ganache on top of each little two-bite cake.  but truth be told, i would much rather have a traditional, dense and dark chocolate brownie.

the recipe calls this a mocha brownie cake.  that was a bit confusing since the cake itself had not a drop of coffee in it.  to punch up the mocha flavor, i tried to add a bit of coffee extract to it but did not add enough-my fear of over doing it cancelled out my good intentions.  the result was just a really strong chocolate flavored cake with the texture of a devil dog; remember those?  for the ganache frosting, i decided to switch the coffee, a mere 1/4 cup, for an equal portion of whisper creek tennessee sipping cream.  it seemed like the perfect choice for a dessert to be served at a pot luck dinner.  trust me, it was.  i came home with an empty plate.  good thing i stashed a few at home for my husband and me to indulge in!

as a rule, we do not post the recipes we bake from.  it isn't fair to the author for us to give away the recipes without permission.  my suggestion, buy a copy of the book or borrow it from a library or a friend.  honestly, it isn't hard to find; i found it on several websites with a quick google search.

the mini cupcake pan baked up 24 cakes plus a few large hearts to make a shamrock.  the ganache recipe was more than i needed to frost the tops of all of the cakes.  i had plenty left for the ones i stashed-we couldn't skimp on the frosting for those!

yeah, it's hokey.  so what, this green eyed irish girl (hey, i'm also italian-what a combo!) had to get a little festive for the pot luck!  not sure that anyone noticed it though...

and this is how the husband and i indulged; laid out on a silver platter with a bit of sipping cream to wash it down...perfect. chocolate. indulgence!!!

be sure to check out the tuesdays with dorie page to see how the other bakers fared.  perhaps, bake up a batch yourself.  if you do, the whisper creek substitution is worth trying.  and no, they did not pay me to say that-i do not do endorsements and do not accept payments or advertising.  but if someone wants to give me a bottle to bake with, i won't turn it down!  the truth is that i happen to have an open bottle in the fridge and grabbed it rather than brewing up a pot of coffee just for a 1/4 cup, and i am glad i did!  bake on friends!


  1. They look beautiful!!
    What better compliment than came home with an empty plate, isn't it?
    Great luscious chocolate recipe!!!

  2. Ohhhh, beautiful lil minis!

  3. Lovely little bites of chocolate cake. Great idea!

  4. I love your cupcake version!!!! Such decadent minis!!!!

  5. Your mini cupcakes look scrumptious. Love the way you decorated these.

  6. "sipping cream" sounds wonderful! (I used baileys in my ganache.) I certainly wouldn't turn down one of those beautifully decorated cakelettes at a potluck.

  7. Adding the sipping cream would have made a beautiful ganache! I love what you did with the little cakes. I also thought the cake was less brownie like than expected, but with the ganache it was a hit, maybe I'll try the ganache on other cakes too.

  8. Ha, I like the shamrock version.
    I didn't pick up on the devil dog texture - but that totally makes sense. (I was hoping for more brownie like too...)

  9. Great looking mini versions! Way easier I'm sure, than making the layer cake, that had to chill after each layer of ganache. I too prefer a more dense and moist brownie, than this cake.