Friday, March 26, 2010

seeing red

working with food color is not a favorite task of mine. inevitably i end up getting it all over my hands-even with gloves, don't ask how. so it shouldn't be a surprise that i was never a big fan of the southern classic, red velvet cake. why would anyone want to flavor a cake with food color? then i found myself staring at the name of that cake on my to do list. (insert a long groan here) here comes another cakewreck. my kitchen will be showing the stains of my efforts for weeks. honestly, it has never appealed to me because the recipe is either made with shortening or oil, has hardly enough cocoa powder to make a difference and contains enough artificial color to paint an elephant. does it have to be this way? not if i am the person controlling this fantasy...

and so it starts

seeing red all over

forgot the gloves, big surprise

red cake with a hint of cocoa

southern belle, all dressed and ready for the party

too dark for good photos, redneck cake dome keeps it moist and safe for the night

probably why the health department frowns on pets in the kitchen. honestly, this cat has a cake magnet-ginger mooch, dessert detective.

daylight is better for photos

and i did not eat that cake slice...i only tasted it, just a couple of bites...put down the plate and step away from the table!!! after a few minor substitutions and additions, i am no longer afraid of the cake and i will eat it, this recipe anyway.