Tuesday, May 21, 2013

for the love of bees

we have a colony of bees in our front yard.  to say it is a conversation starter is an understatement.  it stops people as they drive by the house.  to hear someone ask about honey for sale is not surprising.  we started the colony last year in april and after wintering, they have built up an amazingly strong hive.  we found lots of honey both above and below the queen excluder.  we also found larvae, capped brood and drone brood.  
the girls are filling the comb with honey

look at them go...

drone brood

larvae being cared for by the girls-they will be capping them soon so that they can pupate.

yes, there is honey in our future...


  1. I find bee-keeping very interesting - I am impressed with anyone who can do it.

  2. Thanks for looking out for the bees. They (and we) need all the help they can get.