Monday, August 5, 2013

eastern mediteranean pizzas; a tuesdays with dorie recipe

tomatoes are in season, finally.  we were so late at getting them into the garden due to a cool, wet spring that i was beginning to think that we would never have them.  this recipe was the perfect way to use a few ripe ones. 

 the simple recipe calls for few ingredients.  yeast is stirred into water.

 whole wheat flour is added and stirred until silky smooth.

 the sponge is allowed to rest and develop flavor; mine sat for 5 hours.  when i was traveling last year, i brought home a shower cap from the hotel i stayed in.  they are perfect for covering a bowl of dough and they are reusable.

 after resting, all purpose flour is added and stirred in.  once the dough is too stiff to stir, it is kneaded.

 eight to ten minutes later, the dough is ready to rise and double.

 the topping is simple too.  onions and garlic are sauteed.  the recipe calls for the addition of ground lamb but i didn't want to buy a pound of it for just the needed four ounces; i used a vegetarian ground meat substitute.

 tomatoes from the garden were diced up and added.  after a few minutes of sauteing, they needed to be drained of the juices.  finally, traditional spices were added.

 can you believe the size of this tomato?  have i mentioned how much i love my garden?

 the dough doubled in less than two hours.

 the dough is rolled out by hand.  the directions call to use a well floured surface.  my advice, go lightly with the flour or the dough will not cooperate and will slide around the table.

 the topping is spread around the dough and into the hot oven they went.  i baked them on a stone.

 they baked up quickly.

 the recipe calls for half the dough, i made pita bread with the rest.  i used a cast iron skillet and "baked" them on the stove top.

 the rounds of dough puff up slowly in the skillet.

 suddenly, they will expand

 and you have, pita pockets!

perfect for sandwiches and so much more!  to see what the other bakers came up with, check out the tuesdays with dorie page.  to participate, buy the book, baking with julia.


  1. Great photos. Your tomato is hugely beautiful! I never did get around to planting this year. Now I'm really sorry. Great tip about the shower cap! And your pitas look perfect!

  2. Real Nice. Love your tomato!

  3. Wow, beautiful photo of the pizza and tomato topping! It's winter in our corner of the world, am envious of your home grown tomato crop!

  4. If I make pitas again, I'll have to try them in the skillet. I just did them in the oven, but on the stovetop looks like fun!

  5. Great pics. I liked seeing that you baked them on the stovetop. They look great, as do your pizzas! Great job!

  6. Love that classic Pyrex bowl & those pitas are beautiful. (Great call on the meat substitute)