Thursday, September 12, 2013

change of season in the garden

hard to believe but fall is creeping in.  the fact that it is still 90+ outside and humid does not help to convince me.  spring came so late this year that the garden is still in full production mode but there are some signs...

goldfinches are making quick work of the sunflower seed harvest

peppers are turning from green to red-these are ghost peppers

cucumber vines are dying off 

fall veggies planted in the garden

carrots planted in late winter are ready to be harvested.  summer lingers, thunderstorms pop up and the garden goes on.  when i see how late the sun comes up and how early it goes down, i know the change of season is upon us.  as hot as it is in nashville, i do not look forward to winter.  if we skipped it altogether, i would not be the least bit offended.  

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