Sunday, September 22, 2013

fall arrives; time to head back to class

for the last year, i have been taking classes at a local art college.  it is all part of my effort to learn better techniques for taking photos of my work and of the garden.  this last week, i headed back to class for a four week workshop on thematic photography.  while it sounds a bit complicated, it isn't.  any professional photographer will tell you that most paid assignments have a theme.  the object is to produce photos that define the theme without needing explanation.  for our first assignment, we were given the theme of "americana" and i made an attempt to define it and capture it.  
many of you know that i live in nashville.  obviously, a fiddle and a bottle of kentucky bourbon should relay americana.  unless you are a musician (or my daughter) and you know that is a with me people!

 toll painted cake tin and a bundt cake slice

 split rail fence

 farm equipment

 grandma's garden at ellington ag center


 zinnias on a ladderback chair

 zinnias on a hand hewn table

 zinnias, a log bench and a split rail fence

 the grand champion has dinner

 you lookin at me?

 blue ribbon dreams

russell and his apple pie

 waiting our turn to dance

appalachaian precision cloggers-they wear tap shoes?

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